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Wide Nose


A nasal malformity that significantly affects the natural elegance of the face, especially in women, is the wide nose. Even though direct trauma to the nose, especially during childhood, is a cause of this sort of malformation, it is more commonly a genetic condition. It frequently occurs among people with black skin, which is why it is also called the African nose.

When the bony part of the nose is wide, the distance between the eyes seems unnaturally greater than it really is. Surgery in this type of malformation results in better looking eyes. A wide lower portion of the nose is concomitant with wide nostrils, and the surgeon must also take measures to adjust the nostril size. Since most patients with wide nostrils do not have breathing problems prior to surgery, the surgeon must take care to preserve the function of the nose. At Stanford University, Dr. Sazgar et al. researched the efficacy of techniques he proposed, and published the results in the following article.

Sazgar AA, Woodard C, Most SP.

Preservation of the nasal valve area with a lateral crural hinged flap: a cadaveric study.

Aesthetic Plast Surg. 2012 Apr; 36 (2):7-244