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Revision Rhinoplasty


Many patients are ignorant of the fact that revision rhinoplasty following a prior unsuccessful rhinoplasty operation is much more difficult than an initial surgery. Many of the techniques for initial surgery cannot be utilized in many cases for revision rhinoplasty. Skilled surgeons make use of a series of advanced techniques that are specific to this type of rhinoplasty. In most cases, revision rhinoplasty is the patient’s last chance for correction of the shape and function of the nose. Therefore, it must be performed with the utmost care and skill.

Many patients refer to Dr. Sazgar for revision rhinoplasty. It is always emphasized to them that complete examination prior to surgery, utilization of advanced techniques in bone and cartilage grafting, and special post-surgical care are of paramount importance in achieving the desired results.  Perhaps the worst thing to do in revision surgery is to consider it a simple procedure that can be performed by inexperienced surgeons. This can result in numerous surgeries to no effect.