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Over Projected Nose

Over projected nose is commonly confused with humped nose. Even though these two types of malformity can co-occur, projected noses do not have humps in many cases. To put it simply, an over projected nose occurs when the nose sticks out too much from the face. Due to the over-protrusion of the nose, the eyes seem hollowed and the balance of all facial features is disrupted.

The greatest problem that may arise in projected nose surgery is incorrect identification of the malformation. If only the nasal bridge is reduced but the nasal tip is not, the nose will seem curved or bent. Though the thickness of the skin is very important with respect to the end result of all types of nasal surgery, it is of particular importance in this type of malformation. Techniques introduced by Dr. Sazgar aim at correcting malformation while simultaneously improving breathing function. The following article is an example of his research results at Stanford University, USA.

Sazgar AA, Most SP

Stabilization of nasal tip support in nasal tip reduction surgery

Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg. 2011 Dec; 145 (6):4-932