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Deviated Nose

A common nasal malformation is the deviated nose, which is usually caused by impact trauma such as a blow to the face in a traffic accident. Sometimes injuries during birth, fetal malposition in the womb, and facial growth anomalies may cause a deviated nose. It must be noted that septum deviation differs from nose deviation. The nasal septum is a partition made from bone and cartilage separating the two nostrils. Deviated septum can occur in straight noses as well. It can cause difficulty breathing among other symptoms. Mostly, a deviated nose coincides with a deviated septum as well as difficulty breathing. In addition to correcting the nasal appearance, surgery must also correct the breathing problem and performance of the nose.

Surgery on nasal deviation is difficult. It is important to verify the health of the nasal septum and the sinuses surrounding the nose prior to surgery. Dr. Sazgar has published the techniques he has developed for deviated nose surgery in international journals. These techniques are now utilized by numerous surgeons.

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