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Bulbous Tip

This type of malformation is incorrectly called meaty nose by many patients. It must be noted that the thickness, color, and texture of the skin significantly influence the end result of surgery. When the skin on the nose is thick, dark, and oily and the cartilage under the skin is soft and loose, nasal swelling will take much longer to subside than noses with light, delicate, dry skin. Therefore, it is wrong to compare the surgery results of these two types of noses. Such comparison would result in undue stress and worry in the patient. It must be emphasized that though patients with bulbous tipped noses and thick cartilage achieve their desired result more quickly, realistic patients with thick skin and thin cartilage can also be satisfied with their surgery. Consultation prior to surgery can help patients guess the end result and the recovery period in order to prepare themselves spiritually and mentally. Introduction of new surgical techniques by Dr. Sazgar for this type of malformation in international journals was a result of meticulous long-term research in this area.

Sazgar AA.

Horizontal reduction using a cephalic hinged flap of the lateral crura: a method to treat the bulbous nasal tip.

Aesthetic Plast Surg. 2010 Oct; 34 (5): 5-642