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Upper Eyelid Cosmetic Surgery

 Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

Upper Eyelid Cosmetic Surgery

With age, the skin on the upper eyelid sags and becomes wrinkled. Sagging in the skin of the eyelid coincides with thickened muscles around the eyes and eye fat herniation. Occasionally, eye fat herniation occurs genetically in youths. It is important to differentiate sagging eyebrows from sagging upper eyelids. These two conditions are treated differently, and thus must be considered separately. Dr. Sazgar usually performs cosmetic surgery on the upper eyelids without general anesthesia. Using modern techniques, this malformation may be completely corrected by making a limited number of incisions on the eyelids.


 Ptosis Surgery

Ptosis may occur due to damage to the nerves and muscles that control the eyelid, or it may be a congenital condition.

Ptosis differs from sagging eyelids caused by age, and the method of its surgical treatment also differs.


(Upper Eyelid) Lagophthalmos (inability to close the eyelid completely) Surgery

Inability to close the upper eyelids due to damaged facial nerves may cause dry eyes and corneal ulcer. Surgical treatment of this type of disorder usually involves insertion of a gold plate in the skin of the upper eyelid.