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Academic Activities

Dr. Amir Arvin Sazgar began teaching surgery in 2000 in Tehran University of Medical Sciences, the oldest university in Iran. He considers teaching medicine to be his greatest responsibility and engages in this endeavor with all his heart.

Since the early years of his surgery instruction as an assistant professor in the field of otolaryngology and all areas of head and neck surgery, he has taught interns considered to be among the best and most talented doctors in the country. Teaching, especially in a field that mitigates the pain and suffering of others, is a blessing from God. If God considers a person worthy of teaching, one must dedicate every moment to this noble endeavor. In this period, Dr. Sazgar performed many complex surgeries in the area of otolaryngology and the head and neck, gaining extensive experience. This led to his promotion to associate professor and his choice of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery as the focus of his professional activities.

It is his honor to work in the Faculty of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery of Tehran University of Medical Sciences alongside colleagues who are each highly respected authorities in their respective areas. Learning in the academic system of the university was, for him, of even greater value than the training to which he has dedicated his life.

In addition to training residents in Otolaryngology and Head and Neck surgery, he instructs in the area of general medicine as well. As opposed to the mostly practical training of residents, this type of instruction generally includes clinical and theoretical instruction. Dr. Sazgar has acted as supervising professor and thesis advisor for many general, specialty, and subspecialty theses and dissertations that have been published in prestigious academic journals or presented at national and international congresses. Some of these theses include the following.